What kinds of services are offered at Indigo Spiritual Center?

Indigo Spiritual offers everything from meditation to medium readings to energy classes.

Is Indigo Spiritual Center affiliated with any particular religion or faith?

Indigo is not affiliated with any particular religion or faith.

Who can attend Indigo Spiritual Center?

Everyone is welcome at Indigo regardless of gender, age, race, or sexual orientation.

Can I show up at the space to check it out?

For the privacy of our clients, we politely ask that you do not show up to the center outside of scheduled events as to not interrupt anyone’s individual sessions. However we offer lots of events that are open to the public, many of which are free.

How do I find out about upcoming events?

Join our email list, follow us on Facebook or click here.

Can I meet with Indigo Spiritual teachers one on one?

Yes, all of our Indigo Spiritual teachers are available for private consultation. You can schedule individual sessions with teachers; current Indigo Spiritual teacher contact information is below: