Baton Rouge welcomes the Indigo Spiritual Center to the community

Baton Rouge, LA. August 4, 2015. Baton Rouge welcomes the Indigo Spiritual Center to their community on the corner of Government St. and Jefferson Hwy. Indigo is conveniently located just east of Baton Rouge General Medical and just north of Webb Park Golf Course.

Indigo is welcoming everyone who is seeking truth and enlightenment.

“We are very heart-centered in our work and are very committed to bringing people together who are seeking something more. We offer classes about meditation, life in general, life coaching, psychic / medium readings, pranic and shamanic energy sessions, and so much more,” explained founder Stacy Hilton.

Indigo’s goal is to have a place where everyone is welcome.

“A person’s journey isn’t defined by their race, cultural background, religion, or sexual orientation so the place I envisioned consisted of all walks of life.”

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