My name is Stacy Hilton and I am the Founder/Owner of Indigo Spiritual Center. My spiritual journey started many years ago when I began seeking answers to questions about life, the afterlife, and everything in between but never seemed to get the answers that felt right. Several years ago, after struggling with depression and many ups and downs in life, I began meditating. It was during those meditations that I was able to receive the answers to all of the questions that had kept me consumed and blinded by life’s illusions for so many years. I felt very alone on my journey and I had never met any like-minded people who could help me understand so my quest grew stronger and stronger.

Through my path of self-discovery, I started envisioning a place where people could come together to learn and grow during their own journeys. My goal was to have a place where everyone is welcome. And I mean EVERYONE! A person’s journey isn’t defined by their race, cultural background, religion, or sexual orientation so the place I envisioned consisted of all walks of life.

I began praying every day for guidance on when and how to open a center. When I finally made up my mind that I was ready, it quickly unfolded in front of me. I met several people along the way who I knew would play a significant role in the success of the manifestation of a spiritual center and with our combined efforts, we made that dream come true.

Indigo Spiritual Center is that place!

We welcome everyone who is seeking truth and enlightenment. We are very heart-centered in our work and are very committed to bringing people together who are seeking something more. We offer classes about meditation, life in general, life coaching, psychic / medium readings, pranic and shamanic energy sessions, and so much more. I sincerely welcome you to our website and feel you were brought here for a reason.

As my spirit guide, Lola, says, “There are no strangers on earth. You just don’t remember each other. You are all one and come from the same source”.

Indigo is a place for us to remember each other so welcome home, my friends.

Indigo Spiritual Center provides a safe place where individuals can ask questions, be themselves, seek greater knowledge, learn, and grow.

We created this community to offer a forum for you to ask any and all questions about life paths, spirituality, the afterlife, anything. Society has trained us to judge people who are different than we are, but although we might all be at different levels and lots in life, we are all seeking something better. Some may be lost, confused, need help, or don’t understand their awakening process. Others may be more advanced and seeking like-minded individuals. Regardless of where you are in your journey, Indigo Spiritual Center offers resources for all who are seeking more.

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